Currency of Entwine’s pricing
All our products are priced in USD. We partner with Paypal payment solution, and accept all major visa and master cards and Paypal payment.Your order will be converted into your local currency upon checkout and order confirmation. The exchange rate is determined by our payment partner.

Product Care

Product care for items made from materials from plants, such as of straw, vine, reed, cane, corn husk
We use 100% natural plant materials. The materials we used are all treated against insects, mould and colour fading. However, the colour may come off when rub against light coloured surface. Dirt can be easily removed with a damp cloth. WhereOver time and with exposure to light, the materials may become darker in colour. This mellowing effect is considered a natural feature, and is not a defect.

Product care for leather woven items

We use genuine imported leather for weaving our bags. The surface is spray dyed to intended colour. Because of the weaving nature of our bags, there could be minor stretch marks where leather stripes entwined. This is considered normal to woven products and not a defect. Dirt can be easily removed with a damp cloth. Ink or pigments can however be easily absorbed so we advise to avoid contact with dark or heavily printed materials. Care should be taken to avoid contact with alcohol or any type of solvent.

Product care for yarns and threads woven items

The yarns and threads we use for weaving are all treated against mould, colour fading and minor watermarks. Loose dirt can be wiped with a soft damp cloth and dried immediately, away from direct heat.

Leather parts and trimmings

We use calf leather for parts (e.g. flap, straps and handles) and trimming for most of our bags.Customers may consider apply a leather protector before use to prevent irreversible staining or watermarks. Calf leather is considered very absorbent and therefore can be marked easily. Over time and with exposure to light, this leather will gradually become darker in color. This mellowing effect is regarded as a natural feature of leather, and is not a defect.