Our Craft and Design

Handmade products are delicate. For woven bags, the main concern is keeping them in the proper form and shape after prolonged use. The design challenge is therefore the balanced choice of materials, patterns, and the physical design.

Counter-intuitively, our design process doesn’t begin on a drawing board. It all starts from the hand – only by thoroughly testing and experimenting the combinations of materials and weaving patterns, we would understand what physical designs can benefit from these natural characteristics.

There are certain design and handcraft features which are unique to Entwine’s products:

One-Body Weaving Technique

Entwine’s signature weaving technique. The bags are hand-woven in a single production session. This approach ensures uniform strength distribution over the entire piece, so that balance and symmetry are best achieved. The technique is crucial to our seamless design in which a bag is woven into a single shell, as opposed to a patchwork of individual fabrics.

Crochet Art

Crochet is a form of knitting originally practiced by the peasants in Scotland. Crochet involves interlocking loops of yarns using hook needle, and is famous for making French lace. Crochet technique is highly skilled particularly when dealing with complicated patterns.  And we challenge ourselves in complimenting this beautiful craft with contemporary design.

Macramé Art

Macramé is a textile-making technique based on knotting of thread and yarn.  It originated in 13th century Arab weavers for making decorative fringes on camel and horses for blessings. It became high fashion during the Victorian era. Today we rediscover the colorful history of Macramé with modern fashion.


The bag accessories such as lining, handle, and base are hand-stitched to the bag body.  Counter-intuitively, traditional interlocking hand-stitch methods actually offer superior strength and durability than modern machine stitching.

Creativity & Innovation

We are in the constant lookout for innovative weaving materials to bring new looks to this traditional craft (and thus break some old rules). Beyond the boundary of yarns, plants, and leather, our recent creativity favors sack paper and candy foils.

Natural Materials

The history of weaving began with natural materials, a gift from Mother Nature.  We honor this heritage by using only natural materials for some of our designs.